How to fix errors when updating to shopware v6.6

April 4, 2024 - Reading time: 7 minutes

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This article draws from my experience upgrading projects from 6.5 to 6.6. And I will also regularly update errors that we often encounter in this article.


1. If you have an error with the message Uncaught Error: Class „Shopware\Core\HttpKernel“ not found

You have to update two files from your project. One is public/index.php and the other is bin/shopware or bin/console

First, you should get those files and updates from the shopware 6.6. In my article, I'm updating the project to shopware v6.6.0.2, so I will get the files here.

After finishing, copy the files from v6.6 you should continue to run

composer update

Run migrations with:

bin/console system:update:finish

To force-update all config files, run this command:

composer recipes:update


2. If your JS-plugins within your theme or plugins don't work well.

Open the main.js file within your plugin and change it like below


import ExamplePlugin from './plugins/example.plugin';
window.PluginManager.register('Example', ExamplePlugin, '[data-example]');


window.PluginManager.register('Example', () => import('./plugins/example.plugin'), '[data-example]');

If it's a PluginManager.override()


import MyListingExtensionPlugin from './plugin-extensions/listing/my-listing-extension.plugin';


() => import('./plugin-extensions/listing/my-listing-extension.plugin'),

For more details, please check this one Registering async JS-plugins (optional)


3. Composer related issues.

Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version *


shopware/administration v6.6.1.0 requires php ~8.2.0 || ~8.3.0 → your php version (8.1.27) does not satisfy that requirement.

If you are facing with this issue. Check your current php version by running php -v to check the current version and make sure you're using version 8.2 or 8.3. After that, open composer.json and change php in the require section to "php": "~8.2.0 || ~8.3.0"

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more help with other issues.

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