Hey There πŸ‘‹,

I’m Hung Mac a Shopware expert

I have seven years of experience working with PHP and four years with Shopware 6. During that time, I worked on Symfony for about seven years and three years with VueJs. I am a former of Shopware Core, Shopware is a leading e-commerce platform in Germany.

Are you looking for an experienced developer?

With over seven years of experience with PHP, I can help your business.

Shopware platform

Shopware platform

I am a former of Shopware core and a full stack of Shopware, I can help you build a Shopware 6 plugin or Shopware app.

Symfony apps

Symfony apps

With more than seven years of continuous work with Symfony, from participating in developing the backend for online mobile games to developing e-commerce sites. I can quickly get acquainted with the projects your team is developing.

My expertise


Shopware plugin


Shopware app


Shopware migration











This is my latest work

Shopware 6 ActiveCampain App

Shopware admin extension example

Employement history

I started focusing on developing Shopware projects from 2019 to present.


  • Feb 2023 β€” Present

Working with some Shopware agencies to build the Shopware app and the features for shops.

Feb 2023 β€” Present
Aug 2021 β€” Jan 2023

Director & Backend developer

  • Aug 2021 β€” Jan 2023

I and the members focus on shopware projects, I also take care of DevOps.

And I am a Director of Shape & Shift Asia in Vietnam to manage a small team has eight members.

Shopware core developer

  • Nov 2019 β€” Aug 2021

I'm a Shopware core developer at Shopware AG, working remotely from Vietnam through NFQ Asia. In addition to developing the core, I create some Shopware theme apps and plugins.

Nov 2019 β€” Aug 2021
Jan 2017 β€” Sep 2019

Game developer

  • Jan 2017 β€” Sep 2019

I am a mobile game developer. We used Symfony to develop API for games and used unity3d to develop the games. I have been working with Unity for about six months. I develop the backend for the games with Symfony during the remaining time.

Team leader & Full stack developer

  • June 2015 β€” Jan 2017

I worked to develop plugins and themes for the EC-Cube a Japan e-commerce framework using Symfony.

After a few months of working, I was appointed to the position of team leader of a branch in the team.

June 2015 β€” Jan 2017

Let’s discuss your project, feel free to say hi